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The company DITECFER was founded in July 2014 on the initiative of initial 25 Tuscan companies and research bodies, as spin-off of the Railway Technology District established by the Tuscany Region in March 2011.
An acronym for “District for Railway Technologies, High Speed, Networks’ Safety & Security”, DITECFER is a limited liability company with consortium purposes (S.c.ar.l.) which since February 2017 extends beyond the Tuscan territory and brings together the most dynamic and collaborative companies and research organizations in Italy.


To represent a complete and integrated value chain in the railway sector capable of providing intelligent solutions and products that require high quality and innovation.


We work to promote collaboration, innovation, research and development among our members to make them more competitive and to support integrated internationalization on foreign markets.


DITECFER S.c.ar.l. has a President, dr. Daniele Matteini, and a Coordinator, Dr. Veronica Elena Bocci, who is responsible for defining and implementing the business plan, managing the company and the team of employees and consultants.

The governing bodies of the Company are the Board of Directors (BoD) – which includes four Directors, in addition to the President, voted from among the Shareholders, and the Coordinator – and the Strategic Technological Steering Committee (STSC) – consisting of nine members voted from among the Shareholders and with its own President.


Who are the Shareholders of DITECFER S.c.ar.l.?
DITECFER Shareholders are a group of companies, research and industry organizations that actively work to:

Collaborate in R&D at national and EU level
Promote technology transfer and innovation
Increase internationalization opportunities as an integrated supply chain
Develop training and empowerment on key issues for the improvement of railway mobility.



DITECFER represents Italy within the ERCI-European Railway Clusters Initiative, the network of European Railway Clusters created in 2010 which currently involves 15 entities representing 17 European countries, both EU and non-EU members.

Cluster Trasporti

DITECFER is founder and member of the National Technology Cluster “Transport Italy 2020”, the Association recognized by MIUR-Ministry of Education, University and Research as reference for Research and Innovation in the sector of means and systems for land and marine mobility.



OHIO Small Business Development Centers (USA)
DITECFER and Ohio SBDC signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2019 to support DITECFER Shareholders for the purpose of entering the United States market and for the exchange and collaborative growth between the two territories of reference also with a view to research and education.


PFP – Plataforma Ferroviária Portuguesa (Portugal)
DITECFER and PFP signed a collaboration agreement in November 2019 for the development and collaborative exchange between the two Clusters and their Shareholders/Members with focus on joint markets and innovation.

Fondazione Links

LINKS Foundation – Leading Innovation & Knowledge for Society
DITECFER and the LINKS Foundation signed a three-year Strategic Agreement in February 2021 to support DITECFER Members in research and innovation activities in matters of common interest.


The Railway Technology District of Tuscany was established with Resolution of the Tuscany Regional Government of March 2011.
The regional rules define that it has a Technology Steering Committee and a President.

The members of the Technology Committee are appointed by Resolution of the Tuscany Regional Government on the proposal of the Regional Industry Associations (4 members representing companies) and Tuscan Universities / Research Bodies (4 members representing the world of research). A representative of the District Management Body, who is currently DITECFER S.c.ar.l., also participates in the Committee.

The President is chosen from among the members of the Committee, who submit the name to the President of the Region for appointment. The current President of the Tuscany District is Mr Arcangelo Fornelli (Hitachi Rail S.p.A.).

To date, the institutions belonging to the Tuscan District are: 117 companies, 4 Universities (Florence, Pisa, Siena, Scuola Sant’Anna) and the CNR-National Research Council of Italy.

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