International projects to promote the development of the cluster and its businesses

E-BOOST – ElectromoBility for the recOvery and internatiOnalisation of Small enTerprises
Open projects

The "E-BOOST - ElectromoBility for the recOvery and internatiOnalisation of Small enTerprises"  project is one of the two Euroclusters de...

STARS – STrategic Alliances boosting Railway Smes
Open projects

STARS è il nuovo progetto-pilota dell'Unione Europea per sviluppare approcci innovativi per favorire e facilitare l'adozione delle "Advan...

S-ACCESS Smes ACCESS to international public procurements
Open projects

The project “S-ACCESS" is a European pilot-project aiming to develop innovative approaches for helping SMEs of the Rail supply industry g...

Towards Green Transition
Completed projects

Thanks to the call, DITECFER is trained and advised on a range of green transition topics in the Railway value chain, so we can support o...

Completed projects

E-CORRIDOR aims to develop and demonstrate a platform for sharing of cyber-critical information...

Completed projects

The main objective of the RailActivation project is the development of an organizational-pilot mechanism at European level...

EXXTRA European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Excellence (ESCP-4X)
Completed projects

EXXTRA - "EXcellence EXchange and Teaming-up between RAilway clusters and ecosystems" - aims both to professionalise Clusters' services a...

Completed projects

Regions in Europe Coordinate and Optimize innovation and competitiveness policy instruments towaRDs improving the sustainability of trans...

Tuscan Rail Technologies 2020 – TRail-Tech 2020
Completed projects

Project of activities for the 3-years management by DITECFER Consortium of the "Tuscany Railway District" on behalf of the Tuscany Region...