Tuscan Rail Technologies 2020 - TRail-Tech 2020

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DITECFER S.c.ar.l. | Project financed under the ROP ERDF Tuscany 2014-2020

With the Technology Districts Call for Proposals, the Tuscany Region intended to facilitate the implementation of investment interventions aimed at strengthening the regional technology transfer system, in implementation of Priority Axis 1 “Strengthening research, technological development and innovation” of the “Regional Operational Programme (ROP) ERDF 2014-2020 Tuscany Region”.
The purpose of the Call is the identification of Managers and support for District management activities. In particular, the management activities of the technological district are financed, through the activation of technological diffusion paths and economic intelligence actions, aimed at stimulating and increasing the absorption capacity of new knowledge especially by SMEs.

The project presented by DITECFER S.c.ar.l. in the 2016 Technology Districts Call for Proposals for the management of the Tuscan Railway Technology District aims to be a path of discovery and technological growth (hence the play on words “Tuscan Rail Technologies 2020 – TRail-Tech 2020”) for the more than 120 members of the regional reality, which sees on the scientific front the involvement of the CNR, the Sant’Anna School of Pisa, the Universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena and various laboratories operating in railway application fields and / or useful to the railway sector.
The project budget amounts to over € 471,000, of which the regional contribution from ROP ERDF funds is of € 235,687.50 (50% coming from Tuscany Region – Direzione Attività Produttive – Settore Politiche di sostegno alle imprese, on behalf of the Organismo intermedio Sviluppo Toscana S.p.A.; CUP Sviluppo Toscana: 127.20012016.090000006. In 2019 DITECFER S.c.ar.l. has received from the Tuscany Region, through Sviluppo Toscana S.p.A., a payment concerning a grant on the Action 1.1.2 A of ROP ERDF 2014-2020, subject to mandatory publication in the National Register for State Aids).

The three-year project runs from 15 October 2016 to 14 October 2019.

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