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DITECFER is one of the 25 European pilot-Cluster organisations awarded with the European call “Towards Green Transition Facility” launched by the ECCP-European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

Thanks to the call, DITECFER is trained and advised on a range of green transition topics in the Railway value chain, so we can support our cluster members (especially SMEs) to become more resource efficient. The one-to-one consultancy received thanks to the call is tailor-made and focused on the specific needs and challenges of the railway sector and of DITECFER Shareholders.

The intended benefits of ‘Towards Green Transition’ include:

  • Improved resource efficiency of European SMEs within ECCP clusters;
  • Support for green entrepreneurship through hands-on technical advice and support;
  • Best use of opportunities for greener and more efficient value (supply) chains; and
  • Facilitated market access for green SMEs within clusters.

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