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The GO INTERNATIONAL IN NORWAY PATH has been developed by Team Norway of the EU project “S-ACCESS” coordinated by DITECFER.
The Path consists in a series of integrated steps that begin now and aim to bring the SMEs of the Railway sector to go international in Norway through participation in public procurements, both directly and as sub-contractors (also Large companies are allowed to participate to some activities of the Path, if interested).
As indicated in the brochure, the Path consists in:
  • (13 Marchat 9.30-11.30 CET) Training Session Live on Railway Market in Norway => registrations here
  • (March-April) ‘e-learning’ part to complete the Training on Norway autonomously, watching the recorded Video-Training delivered by our Consultant for Norway: here you can learn aspects on Norway necessary to be ready
  • (4 April at 10-11.30 CEST) “Pitch your company”, event where the SMEs interested in Norway present themselves through a pitch. This will make it possible to know each other, also in view of possible consortia => registrations here
  • (April) Team Norway will draft the Catalogue of the involved SMEs for presenting them to the Nowegian Buyers and key players at “Train&Rail” exhibition
  • (24-26 April) the Mission to the Train&Rail exhibition in Stockholm, where, accompanied by DITECFER:
    1. you can meet and network with other European SMEs interested in Norway, with whom possible collaboration may arise if complementarities exist
    2. you can meet a technological player that will train you on tenders in Norway and for possible consortia
    3. you can meet Norwegian Buyers and players.

=> registration here

  • (from May) follow-up activities to complete the preparation for participating in public procurements in Norway.


S-ACCESS project:

The project “S-ACCESS – Smes ACCESS to international public procurements”  is a European pilot-project co-funded under the COSME programme of the European Union. The project aims to develop innovative approaches for helping SMEs of the Rail supply industry go international participating in international public procurements.

DITECFER Coordinator is the Coordinator of the project.

The project partners are DITECFER (Italy) and the railway clusters i-Trans (France), Rail.S (Germany), MAFEX (Spain), Järnvägsklustret (Sweden), RCSEE (Serbia) and University of Birmingham-BCRRE Railway Innovation Cluster (United Kingdom).

The project answers the European political mission to help SMEs participate in public procurements in countries outside-EU, exploiting the opportunities disclosed by the free trade agreements and other trade agreements signed by the EU.

The project target-countries are USACanada and Norway.

On the one side, the project aims to give concrete answer to the typical obstacles block SMEs from exploiting the tenders potential, by developing specific innovative tools. On the other side, the project will develop an internationalisation strategy and an implementation roadmap to help SMEs benefit from the opportunities provided by the CETA agreement (EU-Canada), by the new CUSMA agreement (Canada-USA-Mexico) and by the Economic Agreement EU-Norway, thanks to which the latter implements the EU rules on public procurements, as well as its technical specifications.

The project started on 1st July 2021 and will last 36 months.

More details on the project can be found here.

The project website here.

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