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Companies belonging to the Tuscan District

The Railway Technology District of Tuscany was established by the Region. Managed from July 2011 to July 2014 by Pistoia Futura, its management was taken over from August 2014 by the “spin-off” company DITECFER, which was founded on the initiative of entrepreneurial and research entities belonging to the Tuscan District and which took over the brand created by Pistoia Futura in 2012 to support the promotion of the District.

This is the database of companies based in Tuscany belonging to the District created by the Tuscany Region. To join the Tuscan District, the companies have compiled and sent back a model document defined by the Region. Membership is free.


FILONI has been active in the modeling, mock-up and prototype business since 1952.

FILONI has collaborated with prestigious Companies and Designers on important projects which have had a significant impact in their own specific environment.

FILONI's highly experienced technicians, together with a flexible company infrastructure, permit to employ a variety of raw materials, including wood, plastics, resins, metals and composites.


Sector: Innovative Transport Networks
Supply Chain: Rolling Stock
Operational Sector: Design & Engineering, Outfitting


Via degli Opifici, 229
51028 San Marcello Pistoiese Loc. Maresca (Pistoia)
Phone: +39 0573 64576
Fax: +39 0573 64674