DITECFER S.C.AR.L. brings together the most dynamic companies and research organizations from all over Italy who wish to join forces and ideas to develop:

  • Collaborative research and development, technology transfer and innovation
  • Internationalization as a marginal value chain
  • Training on topics dedicated to improving transport and the railway industry
companies' employees
patents owned
million in turnover


I don’t draw a sharp line or any distinction between economics and ethics.




Collaboration is our first inspiring and founding principle. Each of our actions aims to promote internal collaboration among shareholders and external collaboration with all regional, national, European and international stakeholders with whom we identify mutual growth opportunities.


Innovation is our second inspiring and founding principle. Each of our actions aims to promote and support innovation
processes inside our shareholders and for our shareholders: products, services, processes, organization and working methods. The world changes and we have to be able to change before it does.


Fair competition is a fundamental element of the freedom of enterprise and of the free market. We respect antitrust and competition laws, and we support the free access to the market and the competitiveness based on quality and innovation.


Confidentiality of information is a founding element upon which we build our relationships, our collaborations, our development projects as Cluster.


We are committed every day to improve our work and to make it excellent for today and tomorrow. Excellence –for us– is to perform our mission with effectiveness and professionality, to create value for our shareholders, to realise the vision to become a worldclass cluster.


We love to be contaminated by other sectors and by each and every experience that can teach, inspire and foster innovation. We believe in inflows and outflows of knowledge as accelerators of innovation.


We believe “Planet B” does not exist. We believe in railway transportation as the greenest means of transport and we
contribute to improve its environmental performances and to save resources. We believe each of us can contribute to reducing environmental impact of our technologies and our actions.


We care about diversity in all its forms. Diversity is part of us; diversity is richness; diversity must be respected
and defended. We are committed to make of railway transportation an environment where no diversity can limit the need to move and the experience of mobility.


As social stakeholders we care about society and new generations. Our ecosystem is made of companies, research centers, institutions but also education and training centers. For this we have the possibility to inspire the new generations with our passion and to train them with our knowledge. We would like the new generations –boys and girls– to love a job in the railway sector as we do.


DITECFER is Founding Member of the following Associations:

DITECFER is Founding Member of ERCI-European Railway Clusters Initiative ASBL, the Belgium-based association of the European Railway Clusters established in 2022 after the collaboration experience started 2010. ERCI gathers 17 clusters representing 16 European countries, both EU and non-EU members, and promotes their transnational collaboration, mainly in the field of innovation and internationalisation. DITECFER is ERCI Lead Partner since 2020, plus represents the Vice President (Ms Veronica Elena Bocci) and the Director of Operations (Mr Guido Ancarani).

Cluster Trasporti

DITECFER is founder and member of the National Technology Cluster “Transport Italy 2020”, an association recognized by MIUR-Ministry of Education, University and Research as strategic and technological reference for the sector of means and systems for land and marine surface mobility. DITECFER is the Leader of the Working Group for the Railway sector.

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