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October 2015:

DITECFER at NATRANS 2015 in Abu Dhabi on 25-27 October to present its companies' long experience in development, supply, installation and maintenance of Railway, Metro and Tramway systems.


July 2015:

The Regional Technological District launches the "DITECFER Railway Innovation Contest" open to the members of the District and concerning innovations from TRL6 to TRL9.
The 3 finalists have the right to participate to the "ERCI Innovation Awards", that will be awarded on November 17th at BcnRail.

June 2015:

DITECFER organises for its Associates and all the Enterprises of the Technological District a Study Day about Intellectual Property and how to use it to protect our R&D&I ideas.

March 2015:

Thanks to Toscana Promozione and Pistoia Chamber of Commerce, DITECFER participates with its own booth to EURASIA RAIL, the fair taking place in Istanbul from 5th to 7th March.


February 2015:

DITECFER participates in Paris to the ERCI Steering Committee as member of the European Railway Clusters Initiative.
The meeting takes place at UIC-Union International Chemins de Fer, whose General Director also partly participates to the technical meeting.
Many topics in agenda, such as further collaboration between Clusters to support SMEs internationalisation and Innovation through next EU calls.


January 2015:

DITECFER is invited, together with Toscana Promozione, at the 1st Forum on Entrepreneurship promoted by UNIDO-United Nations Industrial Development Organisation in Manama-Kingdom of Bahrain.
The purpose is to share best practices in supporting entrepreneurship and to support mutual business between countries.


December 2014:

Mr Daniele Matteini is appointed as new President of DITECFER S.c.a.r.l. (the consortium operating both for its shareholders and the regional District) after Ms Lorenza Franzino.


September 2014:

DITECFER participates at INNOTRANS 2014 for its second time as institutional representation, in order to present Tuscany as the Laboratory of Ideas and network of Enterprises, Universities and Research Bodies whose competences in Rail Transport are very strong and date back decades ago.
39 among its Enterprises are present in Berlin, both with their own stand or just for visit.


July 2014:

23 Enterprises and 2 Scientific bodies among the 111 in DITECFER establish a limited liability consortium -"DITECFER S.c.a.r.l."- in order to provide the District with a operational arm able to act at national and european level also as partner in EU projects. In november 2014 the number of shareholders will grow to 30.

July 2014:

DITECFER organises its 3rd Forum, taking place on July 11th in the beautiful setting of Terme Tettuccio in Montecatini Terme (Pistoia).
The event's title is "Railways as means for connecting Europe. What is Italy doing and how does it prepare itself for such a challenge?".
Also a special session dedicated to Designers on "The train of the future" takes place.


November 2013:

DITECFER participates in Wien to its first ERCI Steering Committee as new member of the European Railway Clusters Initiative.
Also DITECFER participates to the 2nd ERCI Technical Conference on "Innovative Ideas for Intermodal Transport" at Wiener Linien.



October 2013:

DITECFER hosts, as Special Guest at its Steering Committee, the Former Minister for Education, University and Research, Prof. Francesco Profumo.

This special Committee aimes at sharing views on how to better develop R&D activities within DITECFER and within the new National Technological Cluster named "TRASPORTI ITALIA 2020", where DITECFER coordinates the WG Rail.


August 2013:

DITECFER participates at the public consultation launched by the European Commission "on a proposal for an EU coordinated approach to R&I in the rail sector under Horizon 2020 in support to the completion of the Single European Railway Area".

The consultation represents the first official step in order to make the Shift2Rail Joint Technology Initiative proposal a reality.
The JTI is promoted by UNIFE in order to concentrate the R&D efforts in the European railway sector for the period 2014-2020.

Click here (formato PDF - dimensione 56 Kb) to read the position DITECFER expressed in the consultation.


June 2013:

DITECFER organises its 2nd Forum, taking place on June 20th at the Italcertifer Rolling Stock Laboratory in Osmannoro (Florence).
The venue astonishes all Guests, and Tuscany is proud to host such a Laboratory, unique in Europe.
The Forum is the moment to share the goals achieved in this year, among which:
- the co-financing for the "TESYS-Rail" National Project (aiming at improving the environmental impact of rail infrastructures and vehicles and the overall rail system. Developed together with the National Rail Operator. Budget: 12 M €);
- leading the Rail Working Group within the National Technological Cluster for Transports;
- Establishing relationships with ERCI - European Railway Clusters Initiative in order to create opportunities of mutual collaboration between European excellencies.
Focus on the proposal of JTI "Shift2Rail" and the way DITECFER is working for it.


May 2013:

DITECFER Steering Committee invites Jean Verrier, representative of "ERCI - European Rail Clusters Initiative" for a mutual presentation.

ERCI joins the European Districts and Clusters operating in the Railway sector. Its members are from Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and UK.
DITECFER would be the first partner from Italy, and is very interested in cooperating with ERCI and its partners in the framework of the next EU programmes 2014-2020; first of all the JTI "Shift2Rail".


April 2013:

A B2B is organised in Pistoia in order to widen business relations between our Enterprises and National and International Partners.
It is organised by UNICREDIT and Pistoia Chamber of Commerce and co-promoted by DITECFER together with the relevant Economic Organisations, under the patronage of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.


December 2012:

Awarded by the Ministry for Research the 12 Million Euros R&D project "TESYS RAIL", promoted by DITECFER together with its Enterprises, Research Centres and National stakeholders, such as RFI.


November 2012:

The Workshop aims at presenting to our Enterprises the World Rail Market Study Forecast 2012 to 2017 and the Joint Technology Initiative "Shift2Rail", aiming at pushing R&D for improving the environmental impact of Rail Transport.


September 2012:

DITECFER participates at INNOTRANS 2012 for its first time as institutional representation, in order to present the Stakeholders Tuscany as the Laboratory of Ideas and network of Enterprises, Universities and Research Bodies whose competences in Rail Transport are very strong and date back decades ago.
Because Tuscany is not only monuments, gentle hills, food and wine.



(Watch DITECFER's presentation Video)


July-September 2012:

DITECFER, together with the Tuscany Region, negotiates a leading role at national level in order to be the Responsible for the Working Group due to present the only project in Rail Sector in the framework of the above mentioned call for proposals; in particular, for creating the National Technological Cluster for Mobility.
The project - named "TESYS RAIL" - will be presented on September 28th. It concerns R&D activities on Rail Vehicles, Infrastructures and System in order to improve their environmental impact.


June 2012:

DITECFER organises its 1st "Forum", due to be the place where presenting the Strategic Plan, launching ideas for collaboration between Enterprises and Universities, and where all its Enterprises meet each other and discuss.
For its 1st edition, DITECFER invites all National Rail Stakeholders to join the "Forum", in order to share plans and visions.
The "Forum" is a success and shows the enthusiasm of Tuscan Enterprises and their will to work together in order to become more innovative and, thus, more competitive.


May 2012:

The Italian Ministry for Research and Education publishes a call for proposals aimed at creating 9 National Technological Clusters whose mission is to act as the single reference for Italy in promoting R&D projects, in particular those co-financed by the European Commission.
DITECFER is firmly decided to play an important role in such a framework, in order to start financing its Strategic Plan's initiatives.


April 2012:

The brand "DITECFER" was created by Pistoia Futura.

September 2011-March 2012:

The Technological Steering Committee drafts the Strategic Plan for the District's Development.
It defines the Strategic Macro-Sectors where R&D should be focused in the next 3 years. They are:
- Comfort
- Environment
- Innovative Transport Network
- Safety&Security

The forecasted investment is more than 85 M€.

Also, the Strategic Plan identifies all other Strategic Actions needed to create an environment - both private and public - more suitable to push R&D in Enterprises and to attract synergic investments.


July-September 2011:

The Tuscany Region nominates the members of the Technological Steering Committee and the President of the District.


June 2011:

The Tuscany Region assigns the role of Technical Secretariat of the District to Pistoia Futura, the Laboratory for Strategic Programming of Pistoia Area.

March 2011:

The Tuscany Region establishes the brand-new "District for Rail Technologies, High Speed, Safety&Security".