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"DITECFER District for Rail Technologies, High Speed, Safety & Security" is a limited liability consortium established in July 2014 as "spin-off" of the Tuscan Rail Technological District (Cluster).

A group of Enterprises and Research Bodies wished to establish a legal entity as an operational instrument able to support their commitment to:
- R&D collaboration at National and EU level;
- Technological Transfer and Innovation;
- Collaborative Internationalization as Supply Chain;
- Training on sensitive issues for the improvement of the Rail Transport.

Currently DITECFER Associates are 50: 45 Enterprises, 2 Research Bodies, 3 Industry Associations.

1) Argos Engineering S.r.l.
2) Be Dimensional S.p.A.
3) Bitfox S.r.l.
4) Blend Plants (FBG S.r.l.)
5) Camozzi Group S.p.A.
6) Campanella Costruzioni Meccaniche S.r.l.
7) Centro Ricerche e Attività Industriali S.r.l.
8) CIESSE S.p.A.
9) Comesa S.r.l.
10) D&T S.r.l.
11) ECM S.p.A. - Progress Rail
12) ELETTRI-FER S.r.l.
13) Elettromeccanica L.A. S.r.l.
14) Elfi S.r.l.
15) Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.
16) EnginSoft S.p.A.
17) Euro.FI S.r.l.
19) I.S.E. Ingegneria dei Sistemi Elettronici S.r.l.
20) IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.A.
21) Intecs Solutions S.p.A.
22) Italcertifer S.p.A.
23) KNORR-BREMSE Rail Systems Italia S.r.l.
24) LucchiniRS S.p.A.
25) Mont-Ele S.r.l.
26) Niccheri Tito S.r.l.
27) Nuova I.T. S.r.l.
28) Officine Mario Dorin S.p.A.
29) Ombre-1 S.r.l.
30) PROSE S.r.l.
31) ResilTech S.r.l.
32) RGM S.p.A.
33) S.I.C.E. di Rocchi Roberto & C. S.n.c.
34) Sintagma S.r.l.
35) SITAEL S.p.A.
36) STM Engineering S.r.l.
37) Te.Si.Fer. S.r.l.
38) Tecnau Transport Division S.r.l.
39) Thales Italia S.p.A.
40) TT Tecnosistemi S.p.A.
41) Unika S.p.A.
42) VAR Group S.p.A.
43) VDS Rail S.r.l.
44) Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A.
45) Zeta Lab Italia S.r.l.

46) CNR-National Research Council
47) Foundation for Research and Innovation - University of Florence

48) CNA Toscana
49) Confartigianato Imprese Pistoia
50) Confindustria Toscana Nord

The President of DITECFER Consortium is Mr. Daniele Matteini (fomer ECM, VP Confindustria Toscana Nord and President Ombre-1).
The Board of Directors is composed by Mr. Daniele Matteini (President), Mr. Francesco Lalia (CEO at Z Lab), Mr Luigi Rucher (CTO at Thales Italia), Mr Leonardo Fabbri (CEO at Elfi), Prof. Andrea Rindi (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Science at University of Florence).

The Coordinator is Ms. Veronica Elena Bocci.
The Business Development is run by Mr Guido Ancarani.
The Marketing Office for the companies is run by Ms Irina Vescu.
The Responsible for the Administration, Financial Engieering and Support on R&D Regional Calls is Mr Paolo Pacini.

The Technological and Strategical Committee is headed by Mr Federico Gherardi (CTO at Hitachi Rail Italy) and composed by Mr Luigi Rucher (CTO at Thales Italia), Mr Paolo Mattera (Innovation Director at Knorr Bremse Rail Systems Italia), Mr Roberto Calamai (CEO at CReAI Centro Ricerche e Attività Industriali), Mr Stefano Campanella (CEO at Campanella Costruzioni Meccaniche), Prof. Alessandro Fantechi (University of Florence), Prof. Andrea Rindi (University of Florence), PhD Alessio Ferrari (ISTI-CNR National Research Council of Italy), PhD Davide Moroni (ISTI-CNR National Research Council of Italy).

Via Sandro Pertini, 358 - UNISER Polo Universitario
I-51100 Pistoia

The _dedicated DITECFER Consortium website where you can find more business information is:

At National level DITECFER is member of the National Technological Cluster "Trasporti Italia 2020", devoted to Surface Transport Modes (Rail, Automotive, Maritime, ITS-Intermodality-Logistics).
In the Cluster Ms. Bocci coordinates the WG Railway.


At EU level DITECFER is member of ERCI-European Railway Clusters Initiative, the network of 11 European Clusters from 10 different countries operating in the Railway sector.
ERCI represents more than 1,000 Enterprises operating in the Railway sector.
DITECFER represents Tuscany and Italy within ERCI.


DITECFER leads "PERES-Promoting European Rail Excellence outSide EU" project, the ESCP-European Strategic Cluster Partnership devoted to SMEs internationalization in markets beyond EU, cofinanced by the EU COSME "Cluster go International" Call.

For more info about the PERES project click here.

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