DITECFER Strategic Macro-Sectors: Innovative Transport Networks, Safety & Security

Supply Chain: Rolling Stock, Signalling

Operational Sectors: Production, R&D & Engineering, Sub-systems, Testing Maintenance Overhaul

  • Business description

    The services that DMG ENGINEERING offers to its customers are:

    - Analysis of Project:
    * technical specifications of the system to be implemented;
    * feasibility analysis of the project;
    * estimation of time and cost of implementation.

    - Project Management:
    * detailed planning of electronic/computer projects;
    * human resources organization and of the project team;
    * monitoring and checking the progress of project activities;
    * verification of project deadlines.

    - Designing embedded firmware: design and implementation of the required low-level drivers and firmware applications necessary for the proper functioning of the hardware cards forming the electronic system.

    - Design software and tools: design and implementation of tools for the user interface and management with the electronic systems.

    - Project management software: design and implementation of management software adapted to the needs of the customer by considering an easy of user interface towards the operator and realizing a proper user manual of the product.

    - Hardware Design: design hardware cards constituting the electronic system to be implemented (realization of first prototypes).

    - Prototypes: follow all the prototyping phase of cards, from the realization of printed circuit boards, to the purchase of components, to the assembly of components with SMD technology, to the first power of the tabs.

    - Production of the series: throughout
    * the engineering phase and industrialization of the product;
    * the production in series of cards;
    * testing on the cards.


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