DITECFER Strategic Macro-Sectors: Safety & Security

Supply Chain: Rolling Stock

Operational Sectors: Design & Engineering, Sub-systems

Reference person: Ms Rosetta Sorace

  • Business description

    PROMEL is a corporate covering several sectors and providing own label or tailor-made services and products by guaranteeing the highest level of expertise, experience and quality.

    Since years PROMEL has provided its product lines for coin sorting machines and fire and gas detection systems. In addition it has also provided engineering consulting services in the mechanical, electronic, plant design and industrial automation.

    The company division for mechanical processing is equipped with brand new machine tools for the manufacturing of prototypes, small series and subassemblies.

    PROMEL Fire and Gas detection systems, originally developed for Oil&Gas applications, can be used in Railway applications, both on board and at stations.
    PROMEL can also provide fire control units to be used on buses.


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