DITECFER Strategic Macro-Sectors: Innovative Transport Networks, Safety & Security

Supply Chain: Other Systems & Technologies, Signalling

Operational Sectors: Production, R&D & Engineering, Service, Testing Maintenance Overhaul

Reference person: Mr Daniele Trentini

  • Business description

    In the railway sector SIRTI has a long tradition in engineering and construction of telecommunication and energy network infrastructures, as well as integration of electrical railway and tramway systems.

    SIRTI offer includes design, realization and maintenance of electric traction and power supply lines.
    With specific reference to contact lines, SIRTI builds 3kV direct current contact lines, 25 kV 50 Hz alternating current contact lines (like the lines built within the High-Speed/High-Capacity project in Italy) and 750 V and 600 V direct current contact lines used mainly to supply power to trolley-bus and rail and tram lines.

    SIRTI designs, realizes and provides maintenance of auxiliary systems, which are systems to support operation, and management of railway, underground railway and rail and tram lines.

    SIRTI designs and realizes systems to provide train traffic information to the public, consisting in image display and public address systems.


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