DITECFER Strategic Macro-Sectors: Innovative Transport Networks

Supply Chain: Other Systems & Technologies

Operational Sectors: Components, R&D & Engineering

Reference person: Mr Paolo Lanari

  • Business description

    KIUNSYS develops an integrated suite of software, sensing and RFID technologies aimed at a smart and ROI driven management and control of urban mobility permits, parking, authorizations, people and city logistics services.

    KIUNSYS’ solutions and technologies contribute to the objectives of the Decree for the Diffusion of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Italy and, more generally, to those of the European Directive 2010/40/EU:
    •reduce travel time in urban area
    •increase road network capacity & productivity
    •reduce traffic congestion
    •reduce pollutants
    •reduce energy consumption
    •optimize revenue from the management of permits, urban mobility and parking
    •produce Big Data.

    The commitment of KIUNSYS in solving the needs of Smart Cities has a constant confirmation over the years:
    •RFID AWARD 2009, category "Projects of social and environmental importance"
    •participation at the EXPO SHANGHAI 2010
    •SMAU Mob App Awards 2012 finalist
    •TTS Italia - National Association for Telematics for Transport and Safety, 2013
    •business partner Deutsche Telekom AG - M2M Competence Center, 2014.


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