DITECFER Strategic Macro-Sectors: Innovative Transport Networks, Safety & Security

Supply Chain: Rolling Stock, Signalling

Operational Sectors: Design & Engineering, Production, R&D & Engineering, Sub-systems

Reference person: Mr Leonardo Fabbri

  • Business description

    ELFI is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the design and manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment and operates in the sector since February 2004.

    ELFI is able to design and build the whole electronic device, handling the entire process itself, from idea generation to product completion.

    ELFI possesses both the expertise and the equipment necessary to follow the process through from design to production of electronic devices including mechanical 3CAD, CAD systems with integrated electronic circuit emulation CAE, cutting systems for making small prototypes, environmental chambers equipped for mechanical and electrical measurements, infrared detection systems for the thermal analysis of electronic cards and equipment.


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