DITECFER Strategic Macro-Sectors: Safety & Security

Supply Chain: Rolling Stock

Operational Sectors: Sub-systems

Reference person: Mr Giuseppe Micali

  • Business description

    S.A. is one of the leading engineering companies, who specialize in Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

    S.A. is competent in providing turn-key Fire Protection Systems like Sprinklers, Water Mist, Foam, Clean Agents, Carbon Dioxide and Chemical Powder.
    For the majority of the systems provided, S.A. is the direct manufacturer of Control Devices, Nozzles, Monitors, Dischargers and Mixers, as well as portable and wheeled Fire Extinguishers for Special Applications.

    S.A. plays also an important role in standard and code development working closely within associations like ANIMA (Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries) and UMAN (National Union of Fire Systems and Equipment Manufacturer).
    Moreover S.A. has contributed to the formation of ECOFIRE, a consortium specifically oriented to deal with all aspects related to HCFC and Halon decommissioning.


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