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The scope of the DITECFER Game is to perform a round-trip travel by train using the TEN-T Corridors in the shortest time. The Game aims to emphasize, by playing, the successful effort made by the EU in delivering transport corridors connecting all parts of Europe with an environmentally friendly transport mode like train is.
It is a game based on knowledge, entertainment and inspiration: we aim, in fact, to give birth and nurture youngsters' passion towards trains and railways. From Pistoia, Italian capital of railways, a "wish message" to Young Europeans.

The DITECFER Game was conceived by our staff for the UNICEF World’s Children Day 2018. The 700 copies realized finished quickly and ‘virally’. The English version is under realization for all DITECFER activities abroad.


The DITECFER Game was conceived from the beginning with the scope to realise a “tool” to contribute maintaining and nurturing the natural passion youngsters have for trains. Also Neurosciences explain why children are attracted by trains, so our idea was that “if something helps maintain long-term such natural attraction, we can help grow new generations of train travelers – thus supporting environmental transportation – and hopefully also new generations of smart and passionate professionals for the European railway industry”.
What we know, in fact, is that young Europeans nowadays are more attracted for their future careers by other industrial sectors thought as more technological than Railways. But railways have been invented in Europe, Europe is (still) world leader in the railway sector, and EU Institutions and European stakeholders have to engage in all ways to build the foundations of tomorrow’s EU Industrial competitiveness in the railway sector, and this passes necessarily through motivated, engaged, passionate and aware new European generations.
With such premises, we considered that the best way to engage and attract young Europeans to the scope was to invent a game where they can travel throughout Europe along the European transport corridors, providing informative and also curious data that remain memorable, showing how EU efforts deliver not only useful but also attractive results of which young Europeans can benefit.
The delivery of the DITECFER Game was set for November 20th, UNICEF World’s Children Day 2018 when full-day events supported by UNICEF Italy held in Pistoia, Italy and co-promoted and sponsored by DITECFER were held: (1) the visit to the “Heritage Rolling Stock Depot” with over 250 students from 6 to 14, in collaboration with the Italian Railways Foundation and UNICEF; (2) the realization, with the support of UNICEF volunteers, of “The Train of Rights” by the 250 students, composed by several cardboard-trains where the students wrote their wishes for a better future, for more respect of rights and also about their love for trains. “The Train of Rights” then became a “long-train trip” throughout the city of Pistoia, from the Railway Station to the main square; (3) the photo exhibition “ANONIMUS” aiming to represent youngsters’ feelings and emotions, including their love and passion for trains. The faces of the young individuals were artistically hidden (from here the title of the exhibition) not only for privacy reasons being them minors, but also because the feelings and emotions represented are common to the youngsters’ community. The photo exhibition was open from November 20th to January 1st; (4) dialogue with the students in groups according to their age in order to present the DITECFER Game, to engage them and to deliver a copy to each one. (5) A press conference was organised and journalists followed all moments of the day.

DOWNLOAD the DITECFER Game, print it at home, cut card boards where indicated, read the rules, search a dice in your drawers…..and start enjoying your train trips!

=> GAME BOARD (formato PDF - dimensione )
=> ROUTE TICKETS & WAGONS PLACE CARDS (formato PDF - dimensione 2 Mb)

(version in Italian; English version coming soon)



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