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Logo Distretto Tecnologico Ferroviario della Toscana
The District for Rail Technologies of the Tuscany Region has been created in March 2011 aiming at improving Tuscan enterprises' competitiveness and their products for vehicles, infrastructures and systems.

Nowadays 125 Tuscan enterprises - or having an operational seat in Tuscany - are part of the District.
Plus, 5 Tuscan Academic Excellencies and several Laboratories for Rail Sector are part of it.

This Matrix of competences (formato PDF - dimensione 2 Mb) clearly show who they are and how you can contact them.

Thanks to such a networking role played by the District, they all started to work together on R&D activities, innovation and technology transfer in order to improve their global competitiveness while implementing a multi-annual R&D Plan written by the District.

The Regional District works through a Technological Committee, composed by 9 members, plus the President, represented by Arcangelo Fornelli (VP Hitachi Rail Italy):

1) Ph.D. Stefania Gnesi - CNR-National Research Council, Pisa;

2) Prof. Carlo Alberto Avizzano - Scuola di Studi Superiori e di Perfezionamento Sant'Anna, Pisa;

3) Prof. Bernardo Tellini - University of Pisa;

4) Prof. Benedetto Allotta - University of Florence;

5) Daniele Matteini - ECM S.p.A.;

6) Fabrizio Monsani - Thales Italia S.p.A.;

7) Argeo Bartolomei - Argos Engineering S.r.l.;

8) Stefano Campanella - Campanella Costruzioni Meccaniche S.r.l.;

9) Veronica Elena Bocci - DITECFER Distretto per le Tecnologie Ferroviarie, l'Alta Velocità, la Sicurezza delle Reti

The Technological District is managed by DITECFER Consortium, the company owned by 44 companies and Research bodies operating in the Railway sector.

For every kind of info, please contact us at: