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"RECORD - Regions in Europe Coordinate and Optimize innovation and competitiveness policy instruments towaRDs improving the sustainability of transport - study case of SMEs in the railway sector": is funded under ERDF within the "INTERREG EUROPE" programme.


Europe has always been a step ahead regarding sustainable transport mode in comparison with the rest of the world and Europe has developed valuable expertise and innovation in the railway sector. That is why, railway is identified in many RIS3. However due to a fierce competition in particular from emerging industries, the whole sector and especially SME are facing big challenges regarding their competitiveness (pricebased vs. innovationbased competitiveness). To tackle this challenge, regions with the help of the EC, put efforts to encourage R&I joint activities (triple helix concept) by offering innovation delivery support in the ERDF OP (direct fundings, cluster policy...). Other initiatives have been launched towards the railway sector but it has been pointed out that SME have specific issues due to the way public transport works, the specificities of its value chain and its market structure (few big companies with thousands of SMEs, few profit margin, low innovation culture, etc.). Taking this into consideration, the RECORD project aims at helping SME to invest more and better in innovation activities by redesigning the regional policy instruments. To do so, we plan individual work to be compared with partnering regions and analyzed. Benchmark and brainstorming sessions with local stakeholders will help draw provenoriented conclusions and develop new approaches together. To have comparability and to be able to share experiences and learn from each other, it is key to admit regional policy structure, industrial environment and clusters differences. Stakeholders engagement in this project is very important as it will be the first time managing authorities, clusters, businesses, universities, other funding organizations, regions etc. are working together early in the political process in the railway sector. This lends credibility and builds solid foundation to develop a framework that will be accepted for implementation.

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The RECORD Partners met in Lille (France) on September 11-12th for the 1st Project consortium meeting and for the Kick-Off Meeting, held at the Région Nords-de France as event on regional policies on sustainable railway transport focused on SMEs in this sector. Also some stakeholders attended.


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RECORD 1st Focus Group in Tuscany

On November 21st DITECFER organised at his Office in Pistoia the 1st RECORD Stakeholders' Meeting for Tuscany.


Scope of the meeting was to present the RECORD project and its scope and to discuss, in “focus group work”, one of the 2 actions of Tuscany ERDF ROP (“POR CreO”) on which DITECFER is working within the RECORD project: the “RA1.1.5 - Support to pilot actions, early validation of products and large-scale demonstration (sub-part of “Specific Objective RA 1.1 - Enhancing innovation activities in enterprises”), whose beneficiaries are SMEs and including also, as possible partners, Large companies and Research bodies.

The focus group was composed by stakeholders very much experienced in the Tuscany ERDF ROP calls for Research and Innovation projects, and for this were requested to finally identify:
- 3 things that, in such calls, perform very well and should be confirmed
- 3 things that, in such calls, do not perform according their experience and point of view
- 3 things that should be introduced to better perform such calls in order to improve their impact both as “outputs” and “outcomes”.

The Stakeholders’ Meeting was participated by Hitachi Rail Italy (LC), Thales Italia (LC), CReAI-Centro Ricerche e Attività Industriali (SME), Campanella Costruzioni Meccaniche (SME), Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione (RB), University of Firenze (RB), CNR-National Research Council of Italy (RB), University of Pisa (RB).

LC = Large Company
RB = Research Body
SME = Small Medium Enterprise



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RECORD 1st Study Visit in Zaragoza (Spain)
RECORD partners met in ITAINNOVA / Technological Institute of Aragon (Zaragoza, Spain) on Nov 26th and 27th for the Steering Committee of the project and the 1st Study Visit of the project.

During the Study Visit partners and Spanish stakeholders (some regional companies in the railway sector, regional experts in transport and logistics) debated on regional innovation policies for a sustainable trasnport and first good/bad practices were identified.
This sharing activity was possible following the 1St Stakeholders' meetings all Partners previously organised in each territory, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, regarding each regional policy.

The Study Visit included the visit to ITAINNOVA Laboratories (the new IoT/Blockchain Lab, the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Lab, the Anechoic Chamber) and to the Maritime Terminal of Zaragoza.


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